Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vernal Pool

The Local Vernal Pool on the Walkway

 So you actually look at the green shallow pool and you start to see things..

 Lurking amidst the green stuff

 They kind of blend in with the green seeds..

 They are watching you watching them...

 Little eyeballs beneath the surface of the rainwater pond

 These are the ones I could see... but there is movement below the surface...

snakes and turtles and frogs and spiders and???Look Close-Snake shedding skin?!!

 Wait... what is that hole under the tree?

 It is big and furry!???  a little bear?

Things are coming out of that hole

They are having a wrestling match....

 There are three!

One is watching the others?... Mother?????

They are big and round and hilarious....

I think I see a big flat tail...

I think they are beavers... whatever they are way bigger than I ever thought a beaver was.... I thought they were little bears... I am done with my walk!

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