Saturday, March 2, 2019

My Personal Fantasy Hideaway

The House of my past, I Loved

Kittys Cottage

Stained Glass for the windows and more garage floor paint and you can have the Van Gogh Pool Hall-Copper Ceiling Tiles add atmosphere

This door that was left behind from the previous owner was too heavy for me to move... and that started it, it reminded me of the Starry Night Cafe.... so I painted around it and then we began..

Don't Forget the Starry Night Cafe 

A personal view of the Eiffel Tower

Everyone Needs a DanceFloor with Rotating Mirror Ball

Outside Stained Glass Studio with skylights

At one time this bathroom even had a candle chandelier over the tub.... LOL- And the second light switch was for a red light heat lamp and you could turn off the ceiling light for true atmosphere!

Greatest Family Room

Because Nice Matters-Be the Change You Want to See in the World

The Family Dining Kitchen

Everyone Needs an I Love Quilting and Country Room

An Iris Room

A Palm Tree Room

My Lovely Swing Spot

Best Apartment

With a Lovely Little Office

It's own Window to see Clients coming

Best Gardens

Flowers from My Own Gardens

Best Deck Corner

The Side Gardens

Close Friends

Another Friend

Dinner with Friends

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