Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kittys Photos - Paddlin' Montgomery County

Paddling Black Hills Regional Park 

Enjoy the beautiful 505-acre lake as well as the wildlife that make the lake their home.

20930 Lake Ridge Drive, Boyds, Maryland 20841
*** from the Parks Site
" With more than 2,000 acres, Black Hill Regional Park offers such a wide variety of outdoor activities that it's impossible to experience it all in a single visit. You'll enjoy picnic shelters near playgrounds, volleyball courts, paved and natural surface trails, and spectacular views of Little Seneca Lake

Private Boating

Little Seneca Lake will be open for use starting March 1, 2016! Boaters with a daily or seasonal boating permit are allowed to use their private boats on the lake from March 1 through December 15. Seasonal permits may be purchased at the Visitor Center. Daily permit fees can be deposited in the fee boxes at the boat ramp or on the Route 121 Bridge pull-off area. Seasonal mooring stakes for private boats are sold at the Visitor Center on a first-come, first-served basis.
PLEASE NOTE: All boats must comply with Maryland State, U.S. Coast Guard and M-NCPPC regulations and standards. Use of gasoline motors is strictly prohibited; only electric motors are permitted. All boats must be off the lake by official sunset"

- I get a seasonal boating permit-covers Lake Needwood also

This is a view of the lake from the put-in

If you don't have your own kayak and want to try the water fun

This guy was swimming beside my kayak, I think he was here long before Me

Regular paddlin'companions

Unbelieveable feeling when the clouds are reflected around you

 The Sky just looks more beautiful from a kayak

When you least expect it, you see groups of heron looking at you

This is the boat ramp.  Not advised for inflatable because of the concrete ramp,

I have been known to do this.

 This is a 380x from

This is a 330 from w/deluxe seat.  I added the bungee cording to put my paddle through when I am lounging and fishing.

competitive fisherman

Lots of competition for the fish

Looking for the big catch

Lots of observers

This one was really noisy like a tropical jungle bird, but so tiny, I had to paddle quite a while before I could find him in the branches-and fast.  I followed his call.

A little sunbathing going on here!

Some newcomers, getting in practice with their mentor

I followed this one around a little.

"Bad Hair Day?"

This one really stopped to look at me once I got close.

Shy heron, they are hiding their heads

Another sunbather, very colorful

Just a beautiful Lake

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